About Us

ServerBabu is an ever-growing IT company comprising an extraordinary team of individuals in the web hosting domain delivering exceptional services for the past 15 years. We incessantly innovate speckled ways to provide comprehensive tools to cater to millions of users across the globe.

ServerBabu is an affordable web hosting company in India providing 24/7 live support to its clients and is committed to hosting their dedicated services. Our employees owe extensive experience in the field and ensure that customers feel cared for, respected, and satisfied at every stage of their order. We have specialized teams to manage control panels for web hosting like Virtualmin, Centos Web panel, Plesk, Cpanel, etc., inclusive of various virtualization techniques like Xen and Virtualizor VMWare, SolusVm, and KVM Proxmox.

Our Mission

At ServerBabu, we empower our employees to build an ozone layer for building their business online. Our affordable prices and exceptional client support are two pillars of our company. Shed all your inhibitions with us as your data security and web hosting is our duty now.

Why ServerBabu?

“Your Trust and Our Services,” our motives are clear from the time of inception of the company that is built solely to render dedicated services for our clients. The services sourced by us on our platforms are developed after years of research in the domain.
We invest in our employees as at ServerBabu; we believe that we receive excellent results once we put the right people at a platform to work together. ServerBabu employs the right mix of people who boost their expertise, enhance technical innovation and take ownership to provide high quality of services throughout the contract.
We have been taking care of regular checkups of the server for better uptime and providing them with necessary support if any glitches are speculated. We have more than 5K+ clients globally, and their trust invested in us allows us to work every day to protect them from data loss, security issues, and downtime. With us, you are in safe hands!
After completing every sale, we connect our clients with our post-sales team. As we promise to take care of our clients at every step and allow them to have a hassle-free experience, our technical team works closely with them for any hiccups faced by our clients and their clients. We have been extending our hands to fight against spammers and hackers to push business efficiency without any limits.
We can help you to host your application on data center of across the world, including Asia Pacific, UK, Europe, and the USA.

See our features

Get the best features from the best web hosting India provider. After all, offering the
cheapest web hosting withdistinctive features is our #1 priority.

  • Lifetime Free Domain

    Get a free domain name from cheapweb hosting services in India Buy our Value or Unlimited hosting planand get COM or .IN domain freefor lifetime The domain name will be free till the time your hosting account remains active with us.

  • Pure SSD Storage

    Get blazing fast performing websites by hosting your siteonour servers that are powered with SSD drives An SSD ncreases up to 20x page load speedthan that of spinning drives

  • Free SSL Certificate

    An SSL certificate secures as well as boosts your website ranking in search engines. Get a free SSLcertificate with any of our cheap webhosting India plan.

  • Secure Email Accounts

    Get quick and easy access to your emails by using webmailsor email clients. Wesupport POP3 / SMTP / IMAP protocols to send and receive emails.

  • 1-Click Installer

    Save your precious hours of installing and configur- ing yourhosting account. Seamlessly install CMS like WordPress,Joomla, Drupal and more such 400 apps with our one-click Softaculous installer.

  • cPanel Control Panel

    Our cheapest web hosting India plan gives you free control panel account to manage your hosting account. This cPanel provides you tools to help you run your website with ease. You can manage your domains, sub-domains, emails, security, file management etc. with your cPanel.

  • Free Website Builder

    Hiring a web developer or a company for building your website seems to be expensive? Don't worry. With our inbuilt website builder tool, you can go online within no time. Simply choose a template, drag and drop your files and there you go!

  • Website Backup & Restore

    Never lose your website’s data while you host your website at our server. Backup website files, folders, databases with our automatic daily cloud backups. We charge additional for website backup and restore service.

  • Built-in Page Caching

    Highly improve your page load speed and overall site’s performance with APC, xCache and OpCache. Caching can be enabled to deliver faster web pages to your site visitors.

  • Latest PHP and MySQL

    Get the latest, stable and compatible version of PHP and MySQL installed on your hosting server. We ensure a more secure and stable environment for hosting your site.

  • Data Center Choice

    If your target audience belongs to a specific region, it's important that you choose the server location nearer to that geographical area. MilesWeb lets you pick your preferred data center location as per your target audience.

  • SSH Access (Jailed)

    We provide SSH root access with basic shell commands and its usage is restricted to your account. To request the access drop an email to the support team.

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Frequently Asked Question

  • What is domain name ?

    A domain name is the web address of your website. It takes the form of two main elements:
    (1). Website’s name (Facebook)
    (2). Domain name extension (Like: .com .org .net etc.. ).

  • What is a web hosting service?

    Web hosting involves renting space on a server from a web hosting provider. So that a website owner can publish their website online and anyone can accees the same website.

  • How can I find the suitable hosting plan for me?

    First, you have to decide that what type of web hosting your required for your website. Your basic choices may be shared, reseller, VPS, and dedicated hosting.

    If you have a very basic website, then you can go for a shared hosting. The main advantage is affordability with shared hosting. But the main disadvantage of shared hosting is the lack of control of Hosting. And if you have specific requirements on the web server or the database, then you can go with VPS or Dedicated hosting.

  • What is a VPS hosting?

    Actually VPS stands for - Virtual Private Server.
    VPS hosting has become a popular choice because it is generally lower in cost than dedicated Server but provides better reliability, security, and performance in compare than a shared hosting.
    Actually, users get the root access of server, and able to install applications, able to do the environmental changes without having the support of hosting provider.

  • What is SSL?

    Actually SSL stands for - Secure Socket Layer.

    SSL is a security protocol used to protect data as it is transmitted between a web server and a browser.
    When a web browser send a request to a webserver by using the SSL, it means the communication will be encrypted and secure.

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